From the past to present, everyone whoever is aiming at the ART inspire me.
It’s not just special inspiration, but a motivation that burns my passion. I want to deliver my thought as my another language which can not be shown as it looks.
Varios Illustrations at January ~ March 2013
Smile for a moment : Ask her out
Korean ICT power in the world for Client
DJ James Blake for Codec magazine
Stephen Covey Book cover illustration for Kult project

To be frank, I never read a book until I was 20. Perhaps I didn't like reading books before but that changed after reading Principle Centered Leadership. Of course, this is not a book about art or design; it is a self-development book. The book made me realise the importance of humanity. Naturally this enlightenment made me think about artwork and philosophy. I admire Stephen Covey. He showed me what I had to do for the future, almost like a religion. The book title is Principle Centered Leadership so I portrayed him as the centre of the universe between the sun and the moon. The Korean book cover was a portrait of him, so I just expressed the book cover in portrait style.
Hormer Simpson for Hormer project
King of the Korean
Black Snake for Client
Oldboy concept illustration for Client
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