From the past to present, everyone whoever is aiming at the ART inspire me.
It’s not just special inspiration, but a motivation that burns my passion. I want to deliver my thought as my another language which can not be shown as it looks.
This is just a YELLOW LEMON PROJECT in 2012 

One day, I thought..
There are schools to study a world-class class. Movie class, Comic class, 
Brand class, Artist class and Game class. 

Student is a celebrity. and they all wear school uniforms with yellow lemon.
This project is another challenge for me.

Yellow Lemon Exhibition in the aAMuseum
Yellow Lemon Exhibition in the aAMuseum
by 08am
Korean artist meet Colombian Artist 
Painting to wall in Wynwood MIAMI
★Yellow Lemon 2nd EVENT★

When : until 31 January 2013
How : Send your face photo to me ''

I`ll select 5 photos 
selected pictures will to be make a Lemon character
You can see a 1st Lemon EVENT