From the past to present, everyone whoever is aiming at the ART inspire me.
It’s not just special inspiration, but a motivation that burns my passion. I want to deliver my thought as my another language which can not be shown as it looks.
For the first time, there is a lemon tree what the knowledge of good and evil.
If eat lemon, disconnected relationship with God.

Eve by the snake`s temptation ate a lemon.
And gave to Adam.

And the wrath of God, man and earth, the curse fell.

Lemon`s color has been changed what eve ate part.
And all the evil in the world entered.

Lemon begins this ...
Sakiroo School`s Headmaster
New school emblem
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[Kellogg and Pringles is to live together]
Kellogg Company Agrees To Buy Pringles For Nearly $2.7 Billion
2pac, Elvis and 2D! Formed a band!
We shall be responsible for the music!
Thank you Joo Jae-Bum
Thank you Emmanu Lopez Mentado
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