From the past to present, everyone whoever is aiming at the ART inspire me.
It’s not just special inspiration, but a motivation that burns my passion. I want to deliver my thought as my another language which can not be shown as it looks.
He and she
With them
Only know their own appearance.

Alone, when the truth comes out
It is due to come from within rather than outside,
The subconscious is finally making eye
Close your eyes and think that meditation

It is true
Ppiero was laughing at us
Ppiero a laugh at us
Just because ppiero
Increase the concentration of some of the tilt.
Increasingly higher concentration
Shooting stars in the sky is falling.
There is no coincidence
Hundreds of millions of millions of work, we present now the probability is
We are the real deal
Love changes
Will not change is the love
Now is time to leave!
Only one of these
I can be like!