From the past to present, everyone whoever is aiming at the ART inspire me.
It’s not just special inspiration, but a motivation that burns my passion. I want to deliver my thought as my another language which can not be shown as it looks.
More objectively see a oneself
According to Dragonball what is manga by Toriyama Akira, Goku climbed to the tower of Babel for get mysterious water. Goku knew this water can make me powerful man. however he easily can't get it by taoist hermit with miraculous powers. so Goku tried fight with him for get a mysterious water. but he was too strong. finally Goku could get a water. but although drink it, Goku could't get a power. water was just water. Goku is already had a power during fight with him.

Often we used to find a clearly answer. on the other hand sometimes the process of finding can to be a answer. like a our life..
Why do we running hard? for what?
can you sure that point of aim is existence?
Thank you