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2016년 5월 20일

2016 AAD亞洲傑出插畫創作精選展 in Taiwan

AAD亞洲傑出插畫創作精選展,收錄亞洲各國在插畫創作領域中,不論是在內容敘事手法、風格獨特性、視覺表達技巧 等面向上表現傑出的優秀創作者。我們藉由這樣的展覽計劃,推廣優秀的插畫家與精彩的創作作品,預計也將在2016 / 2017 年規劃一系列主題性的展覽和交流講座等活動。亞洲地區許多知名的設計機構和畫廊展出。 “AAD outstanding illustration artists in Asia Exhibition” will record the artist not only focus on describing techniques, style but also visual […]
2015년 7월 23일

2015 사키루 일러스트 판타지전

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2013년 10월 28일

2013 Korean artists visit, exhibit at MSU

“Ben Ga Wa: From Seoul to Mississippi” was on display in the Visual Arts Center Gallery from Oct. 28 through Nov. 15. Korean artists O8AM, 1000Day, […]
2013년 10월 27일

2013 Johnnie Walker House in Seoul

Sakiroo Artwork for Johnnie Walker House Seoul “Following the success of the award winning Johnnie Walker Houses in Shanghai and Beijing, creative agency LOVE has now […]
2013년 10월 25일

2013 ICHABOD Exhibition in Chicago

ICHABOD In Civilizations Horrors Abound But Our David Will Save Us After a conversation with DAVID, from Chicago, about American gang culture and violence, I decided […]
2013년 8월 27일

2013 Comic-Con with Warner Bros. in San Diego

Medium: Mixed Media Dimension: 36” W x 30” H Acrylic Frame Country: Korea INSPIRATION / BIOGRAPHY: For this art piece, Sakiroo Choi was influenced by Dr. […]
2013년 6월 26일

2013 Paris Human Movement Exhibition

Thanks to visit in my exhibition! Adriana Trillos!!! Related Recommend views 124 2013 Speedom Gallery Exhibition views 79 FB Street Basketball views 241 Pogba views 79 Sakho […]
2013년 5월 22일

2013 Newyork Bottleneck Gallery Exhibition

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