Kakao Talk VS Line
2016년 7월 17일
피곤한 루돌프
2016년 7월 17일
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Kakao Talk VS Line

Line – Brown VS. Kakao Talk – Tube
Collaboration with Kaze Park /  http://kazepark.com


Many Korean mainly use messengers what is Kakao talk or Line. in side of various, these messengers has rivaling relation each other.

Basically these messanger of both has various characters group, like a DC and Marvel. so we had discussed that let's make a hero illustrations between Kakao talk and Line. Kaze park reinterpreted Kakao talk, and Sakiroo reinterpreted Line.
Kaze Park reinterpreted Kakao talk with his own style.

Sakiroo reinterpreted Line with his own style.

Finally these two type characters group gonna be battle. first of all there is two characters who has a big power fighting for who is more stronger like a Hulk.  on the left of the picture, bear who called Brown in Line. on the other side green who called Tube in Kakao talk
Line - Brown VS. Kakao Talk - Tube
Left guy who called Jay G in Kakao talk looks like has a powerfull lay of light. right guy who called Moon in Line got a surprise attack.
Line -  Moon & Sally VS. Kakao Talk - Jay.G
On the other side left guy who Boss called in Line try to counterattack with fire to Frodo called in Kakao talk.
Line - Boss VS. Kakao Talk - Frodo
Let's look at this, at this side shows which one is more speedy. even though Cony who called in Line attacks, Neto who called in Kakao talk avoided early.
Line - Cony VS. Kakao Talk - Neo
Lastly confrontation of fate gonna be end. here two guys fight fiercely. rabbit guy who called Muzi in Kakao talk, moving like a light. abd James who called in Line, attack with beam.
Line - James VS. Kakao Talk - Muzi & Con
" How do you think about these battle? which side can winner? these to interesting it might can reflect with real. which messenger characters group will get a more reputation. keep watching. "
Thank you for look at the end.
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