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2016년 7월 16일
레몬 스쿨 교장 – 사키루
2016년 7월 16일
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Johnny Cash & Bob Dylan

이번 콜레보레이션 작업은 콜롬비아 일러스트레이터 Jean Paul Egred와 함께 작업하였습니다.

Jean Paul Egred 
portfolio : http://www.behance.net/pol999/frame
facebook :  http://www.facebook.com/Pol.v8

콜롬비아 작가와 한국 작가의 만남. 그것만으로도 분명 독특하고 재미날 것이라고 생각한 것이죠. 이에 Jean이 두 사람과 관계된 작업을 하자고 이야기했고
이윽고 쟈니캐쉬와 밥딜런이 대화중에 나왔습니다. Jean은 원래 음악쪽 일러스트를 자주 그린터라 음악쪽 아이디어가 좋습니다.

Jean이 쟈니 캐쉬 연주장면을 그리고 제가 밥딜런의 기타치는 장면을 그렸습니다. 이렇게 우리의 콜레보레이션 첫 결과물이 나왔습니다.
지금 계획으론 두번째를 준비중이며 세계 음악가중 라이벌이나 친구였던 가수들을 중심으로 시리즈를 계속해갈 예정입니다.

A Collaboration between Pol & Sakiroo Choi
Inspired not only but the music of Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash, but also by their characters and what they ment to the people who listened to their music. this image portrays the two musical legends during some studio sessions they recorded together in 1969, you can look them up under the same name this album has. hope you enjoy it!
The second piece in a series of collaborations between Pol & Sakiroo Choi, depicts the historic moment when musical titans David Bowie, and Freddy Mercury from Queen, got together to record some choruses that went awfully wrong, and instead the improvised a single song that would leave a notch in musical history, and a 5 star song in every sensible person's playlist. we hope you enjoy it.
This image captures the amazing moment when Michael Jackson, the king of pop, and the guitar titan Eddie Van Halen, got together to craft what can be considered one of the best songs in the history of my playlist, I dont know about you. Hope you enjoy the third piece on a series of collaborations between Sakiroo Choi, and Pol.

''Walk This Way'' is a song by the legendary bands Aerosmith and RUN DMC, written by Steven Tyler and Joe Perry, this song hit the 10th position at the ''Billboard hot 100'' making a good part of the work that made these two bands legends of music by the 70's. this image shows our way to depict this moment in musical history.
Released as the second single from his third studio album Graduation. It was produced by West and contains an extended outro co-produced with Mike Dean. The song contains a vocal sample of "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" by French house duo Daft Punk, who received songwriting credit and had their costumes appear in its accompanying music video.
After a couple months of working together, Sakiroo and Pol achieved to complete their first collaboration project, ''ROCK IT'', bringing together with own perception of what they believe to be some of the greatest collaborations  in music from the last decades.
After cmpleting the images the project grew to something bigger, adding 8 more artists from each country to pull together the art show ''According To Them''. This show brought together the two countries by showing the perception of each countries popular icons through the eyes of the artists from the other country. there was also a mural painting done by 8 artists from Korea and Colobia. 
All of this will later be seen in the mini documentaries by Meta Cosmos and Carma Cobra coming soon.
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