2016 TBS
2016년 5월 20일
“스타일대로 살자” 세계적 아티스트 사키루, `깨는 사키루` 출간
2016년 6월 21일

2016 AAD

AAD亞洲傑出插畫創作精選展,收錄亞洲各國在插畫創作領域中,不論是在內容敘事手法、風格獨特性、視覺表達技巧 等面向上表現傑出的優秀創作者。我們藉由這樣的展覽計劃,推廣優秀的插畫家與精彩的創作作品,預計也將在2016 / 2017 年規劃一系列主題性的展覽和交流講座等活動。亞洲地區許多知名的設計機構和畫廊展出。
“AAD outstanding illustration artists in Asia Exhibition” will record the artist not only focus on describing techniques, style but also visual expression. Throughout this plan, we want to promote those outstanding illustrators and their remarkabl works through this meaningful project. In the future, there would be a thematic exhibition and exchange seminar in 2016/2017. Meanwhile, ADD will deliver this exhibition to those famous design institutes and galleries.

策展人 Curator :陳育民 CHEN YU MING
策展團隊 Curatorial team :黃郁萱 HUANG, YU-XUAN,蔡欣芸 TSAI, HSIN-YUN,施伯儒 SHIH, BO-RU,曾懷寬 ZENG, HUAI-KUAN
主辦單位 :AAD亞洲視覺藝術交流平台、台灣產學策進會、國立高雄應用科技大學文化創意產業系

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