2014년 7월 16일
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2014년 8월 10일

Cat in Water

How are you doing? I hope you are all excited about the 2014 FIFA World Cup! So am I. Well, we have got a surprise for you today. Thanks to Sakiroo Choi you can now see how your favourite football players look like as illustrations.

It took over 5 months for Seoul based artist and illustrator to accomplish this highly demanding task. Sakiroo illustrated 5 players each of every single team in the World Cup. Well, the artworks do look pretty familiar ( don’t ask me why do they all have those high-coloured noses ). Just have a look, your favourite team must be there somewhere.

“I always hoped to see a group photo of all players. Football can’t be classified by country standard. It’s one.”

–  Sakiroo Choi


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