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2013년 7월 16일
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2013 Comic-Con with Warner Bros. in San Diego


c18d323c09eb072548bdbcd47f21ec6bMedium: Mixed Media

Dimension: 36” W x 30” H Acrylic Frame

Country: Korea


For this art piece, Sakiroo Choi was influenced by Dr. Stephen Hawking’s groundbreaking research into the actual Big Bang Theory. Choi uses his work to express the idea that black holes consume everything — from history and culture, to time and space. Similar to the manner in which a black hole is unaffected by the gravitational pull of anything that surrounds it in the universe, Sakiroo believes that the singular Dr. Sheldon Cooper is untouched by the gravitational pull of everything that surrounds him. In addition to the broken mirror symbolizing what an astronaut would see as he/she is absorbed into a black hole, Sakiroo’s artwork represents the violent devastation caused by the black hole as it consumes all things in its path.

Sakiroo is an internationally prominent illustrator and fine artist who gracefully combines hand-drawn illustrations with digital coloring — using his own color theory. He has participated in exhibits including the Red Bull F1 Korean Sports Art Final 2012, the Bottleneck Gallery’s “I Love You Man” group show and Gallery 89’s Human Movement Group Exhibition. His past clients include Adobe, Facebook, Red Bull, Samsung, and more.

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