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2012년 5월 22일
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Corrupted Childhood Characters

‘Peter Pan and Captain Hook’ is Raunchy and Debauched

Many people have fond childhood memories of the classic novel ‘Peter Pan and Captain Hook’ by Scottish playwright and novelist J. M. Barrie. Upon hearing the words, “Peter Pan,” other people may recall the multitude of films based on Barrie’s book, including the 1988 adaptation starring Robin Williams.

South Korean illustrator and character design Sakiroo has created a series of illustrations that may taint the rosy-colored view many people have of the venerable franchise. His illustrations depict the characters from Peter Pan—even the good ones—as raunchy, debauched low-lifes scrapping by on the most paltry dregs of life and human dignity. This is not to say that the illustrations are bad. To the contrary, they are actually quite amusing. In fact, upon looking at the first drawing, one is drawn into perusing the entire series simply for the sake of satisfying curiosity.

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