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Department of Art hosts third-grade class

Department of Art hosts third-grade class

The College of Architecture, Art and Design at Mississippi State recently hosted a group of 38 third-graders from Pierce Street Elementary in Tupelo. Student volunteers from the college’s Dean’s Council worked with the intellectually gifted “Challenge” group on two arts-related projects.

“Tupelo Public Schools really focus on arts integration,” said Challenge teacher L.V. McNeal. “Integrating the arts into the classroom will help our kids become critical thinkers, a skill they will need for their college educations and future careers.”

The students’ first project focused on architecture. The third-graders were challenged to build the tallest tower possible using just 20 sticks of spaghetti, one yard of masking tape, one yard of string and one marshmallow in just 15 minutes. When time was up, none of the elementary students and the parent chaperones who helped were able to create a tower that could stand on its own.

The visitors were told that this same challenge is often done with everyone from business executives to kindergartners, and the kindergartners often do the best at the challenge.  Therefore, the group was given a second chance; only this time, parents weren’t allowed to help. At the end of the next round without help, many of the third-graders’ towers were standing, and the winning tower reached 24 inches. (Click here to see photos from the architecture project)

Next, the Challenge students headed to the Visual Arts Center Gallery, where they were able to view the poster exhibit, “From Seoul to Mississippi,” by Korean artists O8AM, 1000Day, Gwaja and Sakiroo.

Students then worked in groups to create their own collage murals to display in the gallery. Using partial cutouts from magazines, they had to use their imaginations to finish the missing pieces and create a mural as a group.

As a follow-up to the trip, the students will write stories about the murals they created, and those will be put on display with their artwork.

“Several of my students are really into art,” said McNeal. “Getting to meet college students with similar interests really showed them that they can pursue that passion.”

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