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2013년 11월 15일
Department of Art hosts third-grade class
2013년 11월 21일

Dopress Books ‘Always Me’

Always Me!: Self-Portraits of Global Illustrators (Inspire Series) Hardcove

Always Me!, the first book in this series, brings together the self-portraits of 20 illustrators in different forms, from different periods and in a variety of styles. The self-portrait is a timeless element in artistic creation: countless artists over the centuries have used it to capture the changing nature of their lives. The secret of the self-portrait lies in the artists’ unique insight into their own experience. They observe themselves with candour and self-knowledge. How do both famous and up-and-coming illustrators analyse themselves? No self-portrait will ever be exactly like any other, but with these artists, deploying a wide range of techniques, we can see the essential skills of successful self-portraiture.


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