I’m in Miami Bitch
2013년 9월 24일
2013 Mexico National TV
2013년 10월 18일



Illustrators Deathmatch 2013 in Queretaro Mexico
Event dates : 10-12th Oct.

As you can see below, my speaking day is 11th Oct. 9:00 am to 11:30 am.
I’ll tell a portfolio review and live painting. especially I’ll release non-disclosure illustrations in there.

My story is so simple. I have never learned to design or illustration in school. I just studied computer programming in university. fortunately when I was 20, I could make a character in my first company. it`s my first commercial character design in my life. many people told me that your style is so strong and too strange. so your work is for just a few mania. when I was 31, I could drew a first illustration.. well…nobody didn’t a interesting in my illustrations. what I had to do?

I just changed to my think. and then many client could contact to me. I’ll tell how I can changed my style in Mexico with message.


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