a multitude of illustrations and cartoons full of color and extravagance


His work has been described as “a multitude of illustrations and cartoons full of color and extravagance,” “inspired by cartoons and manga,” influenced by “Asian themes,” and combining “hand-drawn illustrations with digital coloring — using his own color theory.”

In an interview with KOCCA he said he mainly works on paper, which allows him to sketch in coffee shops in Seoul, without computer graphics. Others’ works that have influenced him are Akira Toriyama’s illustrations for Dragon Ball and Toei Animation’s sequel Dragon Ball Z.

His work, though varied, sticks closely to popular culture themes, often making fun of them. In 2011, his “Yellow Lemon” characters, with “oblong heads, menacing grins, beady eyes and dental work from the ’90’s” populated a “school” with uniformed elite characters, including Batman, Superman, Ronald McDonald, Homer Simpson and Michael Jackson. After he used the characters again to “pick on” famous fashion brands, Hugo Boss, Ermenegildo Zegna, Burberry, Lacoste and The North Face; said “Yellow Lemon” was becoming a cultural staple itself.

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